About Me

I'm Hou Soon Ming, I was deeply inspired by Disney when I was at a very young age, I'm a prolific cartoon illustrator and 3D modeller for the past 30 years, has been creating characters, illustrations and designs that not only tell a great story but also embodies the spirit of Disney’s aesthetics and creativity. My relentless passion has led me to discover the art of paper craft through 3D modelling and has not stopped since. This online shop serves the objective of making these paper craft designs available to anyone who is interested and has a burning desire to own them. You can get paper crafts made in the form of many adorable characters, wearable masks of animals and creatures that spin a fantastical tale, and one of a kind paper craft sculptures that can be easily assembled and displayed in any corner of your home. The paper craft masks are terrific for Halloween parties, cosplay and of course anytime you want to get into a favourite character of your choice. Ming’s design manifesto: letting everyone have fun with his creations and watch them come to life!