Q: How can I convert the purchased pdf files into SVG format for use in my cutting machine?
A: You can download the free app INKSCAPE and open the purchased (pdf) file in the app.
You can then save it as a SVG file or as any other format you like! Here's the link to download
IqNKSCAPE: https://inkscape.org/

PLEASE NOTE: My products are mainly meant to be made through manual cutting and thus I provide pdf files. Do note that I do not have the expertise in using cutting machines and any difficulties encountered in the process of converting file formats will be up to the buyer to solve with their machines.

Q: Do you provide custom design?
A: Sorry, I do not provide custom designs.

Q: I placed an order 1 month ago and have yet to receive my order!
A: You have ordered a digital file/template for downloading. It is not a physical item so no shipment will be carried out.